Tuesday, May 16th, is primary election day.  It’s an important day to exercise your rights as a Dauphin County resident, and one of the best times to do so: local elections are never well attended, so, in a sense, your vote counts more now than it would in another election.  In many precincts, the turnout is under two hundred, so you really do have the power to sway an election.  Never let anyone say your vote doesn’t matter.

You can visit https://www.pavoterservices.pa.gov/Pages/PollingPlaceInfo.aspx to find your polling location, or do a search for “votespa” and look for the “Find Your Polling Place” tab on the right side of the screen.

Judge Serratelli is on both the Democrat (position 4) and Republican (position 6) ballots, as are her opponents, so be careful which button you press.

Thank you for your support, we can’t wait to see you Tuesday!