The Role of a Judge


Who is Judge Lori K. Serratelli?

  • A judge, nominated by Governor Wolf and confirmed unanimously by the state senate, serving on the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas handling Family Law, Civil litigation, and Orphan’s court cases.
  • An attorney with nearly 40 years of family law and civil litigation experience.
  • The former president of a multi-practice law firm started in Harrisburg and continued in Susquehanna Township.
  • A wife, and a mother of two sons, both graduates of Susquehanna Township and Penn State University.
  • An advocate for court access, who, as an attorney, frequently provided free legal services to Dauphin County’s underserved residents and needy families.
  • A member of her community, active in charitable organizations, having served on several non-profit boards such as PA CASA, an organization which helps abused and neglected children in foster care.

Why vote for Judge Serratelli for Court of Common Pleas?

  • A Proven Judge – Judge Serratelli serves the people with dedication, integrity, and experience.
  • Uniquely Qualified – Serratelli is the only candidate serving as an active judge, the only candidate with the experience that comes from hearing and ruling on hundreds of cases in full judicial capacity
  • Experienced – She is the only candidate, and the only sitting judge, with nearly 40 years of experience as an attorney practicing family law.
  • Serving the Community –  Judge Serratelli regularly volunteers on the court’s self-help center committee to provide free access to the court systems for those in need.

What does electing Judge Serratelli mean for Dauphin County?

  • As an experienced and competent judge, her court will move quickly and efficiently.
  • All those who appear in her court will be given the unbiased respect, time, and understanding that they deserve.
  • Better protection and access for families and the underserved residents to the court system.

How to help elect Judge Serratelli

  • Circulate nomination petitions to place Judge Serratelli’s name on the Republican and Democratic ballots.
  • Donate to help underwrite the cost of campaigning.
  • Spread the word about Judge Serratelli to your family, friends and community.
  • Walk with the Judge.
  • Encourage voter participation-every vote counts!