Judge Lori Serratelli believes her role as a judge is to ensure justice is done.

Judge Serratelli believes it is her duty to be impartial, fair, patient and courteous, and that a judge should, at all times, exercise decorum in the court room. Everyone who comes before the court, whether with an attorney or self-represented, deserves to be treated with respect.

She believes that everyone deserves access to the court, regardless of their financial conditions, intellectual abilities, or English fluency, and that it is a judge’s duty to see justice served, impartially, for all people.

There are times when cases, such as those concerning family matters, become very emotional and the presiding judge must exercise control over the courtroom to keep the peace and guarantee a just outcome for all parties involved.

Judges are decision makers. In non-jury matters, they determine who is telling the truth and work diligently to discover the facts of each case. They then apply the law to those facts to make a decision.

In family law cases and other civil matters, the judge may act as problem solver, counselor, protector, child support enforcer, and peace maker. She must be flexible and have the best interests of her constituents in mind at all times.

In dependency and juvenile court, the judge’s role is to protect children and victims by guiding them away from a life of crime.

In criminal cases, the judge must protect the public and work toward decreasing recidivism through the use of specialty courts, such as the Drug Court or Veteran’s Court, and the ARD alternative. A society is best served by allowing offenders to make amends for their misdeeds and thereby return to society as productive members.

In Orphan’s Court, the judge protects children by determining parental rights and overseeing adoptions. The judge safeguards individuals with mental and physical incapacity and watches over trusts and estate administration.

Judge Lori Serratelli believes the duties of a judge are among the most serious and important tasks a society can bestow on an individual, and takes her appointed role very seriously. She is keenly aware of the significance of the responsibilities with which she’s been entrusted. She is honored to have been given the opportunity to serve by the people’s representatives. Now she asks for your vote on May 16, 2017 so that she may continue to serve as an elected judge of the Court of Common Pleas.